Stand Out in the Crowd with Custom Exhibit Fabrication Services

Sometimes, you just have to make a huge splash in the trade show world to garner more attention for your company. The best way to do this is hire custom exhibit fabrication services. A firm that can create an environment within your trade show booth space can be a valuable asset. They can take your germ of an idea and bring it into colorful, stylish fruition. A professional company that is experienced in creating these trade show environments will understand the best way to communicate your corporate brand using lights, graphics, materials, different textures and technology.

Brainstorming Design Phase

Putting pencil to paper, a great custom exhibit fabrication services firm will question you about your company’s overall goals as well as where you wish to take your brand. What are your overall marketing goals? What do you hope participation in trade shows will bring? Translating your ideas and overall corporate message is their job. In this design phase, based on your budget, designers will work with you to sketch out the appearance, vibe and functionality of your custom displays.

CAD and Graphic Design

A firm specializing in custom exhibit fabrication services will have a talented graphic design team in-house that can bring those hand sketches and brainstorming ideas into fruition. This may require creating CAD (computer aided design) drawings in 2 and 3-D to analyze various perspectives. The designers take into account the latest trends and styles so that each design is fresh and cutting edge. The CAD and graphic design phase may require multiple renderings before you are satisfied that the new display design not only meets your budget but also overall functionality.

Carrying Out the Actual Custom Exhibit Fabrication Services

Fabrication is the next step of creating your new exhibit display for trade shows. Often, a variety of materials are used to fashion the overall look and feel of the display. These aesthetics play a big role in perception and appearances. From wood, aluminum and other metals to fabrics, paints and laminates, many construction specialties are often used. Besides a customized display that will attract trade show attendees, the final product should be easy to ship, install and dismantle.

The exhibit display is an extension of your corporate brand so it is important that it conveys the right spirit and tone. Your company message should be easily communicated to trade show participants with each visit to your booth space. When you hire a firm that specializes in custom exhibit fabrication services, the goal is fulfilled.

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