Extend the Life of Your Central Heating Appliances with a Regular Boiler Service in Gloucester

Living in the United Kingdom means that you have to get used to chilly temperatures because let’s face it, even the summer weather isn’t all that good in this part of the world! As winter approaches it’s a good idea to get your central heating appliances serviced, so that any necessary repairs and replacements can take place. With an annual boiler service in Gloucester, Carbon Monoxide (CO) leaks can be detected and faulty parts replaced. This will enhance safety, comfort and save you money in the long run, because the more efficient the boiler, the less energy it will need to operate!

Signs Your Boiler Needs a Service

By focusing on the warning signs of a boiler malfunction, you can arrange for repairs and replacements to be completed as soon as possible. What’s more, you can ensure that your home heating is working in time for those chilly winter nights. A yellow or irregular boiler flame is an indication that something is wrong, as are changes in pressure and unusual noises. Other signs that you need to pay for a boiler service in Gloucester include smoke and stain marks near the appliance, a limited hot water flow, and boiler pilot light problems.

The Duties of an Engineer

Before you hire someone to perform a boiler service in Gloucester, make sure he or she is licensed, insured and experienced to do the job. When the engineer arrives at your home, the burner/injector, pilot/injector, flame supervision components, ignition components and flue-ways will be cleaned to improve the efficiency of the appliance. Following this, gas leaks will be repaired and the burner operating pressure will be reset. Obvious signs of damage will be examined, as will disturbed gas connections, seals and joints. Once the engineer has completed the service, he or she will provide you with a checklist of issues that need seeing to, and a quote for these services.

Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Described as the silent killer, Carbon Monoxide poisoning kills more than 50 people every year in the United Kingdom, and affects the health of hundreds. This gas has no odour, colour or taste, therefore is very hard to detect. If you fail to get a boiler service in Gloucester completed annually, a gas leak may occur and put your family’s lives at risk. A Gas Safe Registered engineer will be able to detect and repair leaks.

Affordable maintenance, repair and boiler service in Gloucester is available through Gas World Ltd. If you would like to discuss your requirements with a local installer visit website for more information.

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