Know How To Find Great Art Storage Facilities

When it comes to art, shipping methods are often looked at seriously. Yet, what some people may ignore is the method the shipping company may use for art storage. In Los Angeles there are many reputable companies, but there are others that are not aware of the special needs of fine art works. They unnecessarily damage fine examples of art because the owner selected them over more credible companies. If you plan on arranging for some art storage company to take care of your artworks for several days or years, make certain they know what they are doing.

Why Pick a Company that Specializes in Art Storage?

You may have any number of reasons for storing your work elsewhere. It does not really matter. What is important is this. You require the services of a company that is in the business of shipping and storing art. You need to do your research. Even if the decision is sudden, you should have the name of a professional art storage company near at hand. Talk to your friends in Los Angeles, they may be able to offer suggestions and recommendations based on their own experiences. You can also turn to that increasingly utilized tool – the internet.

The internet does have its purposes. It can provide you with the names of various companies who handle artwork professionally. They even will provide you with reviews o the various contenders for your storage needs. Be sure to check them out, particularly if they provide the names of well known art collectors, museums and/or galleries as clients.

Another method of finding the right art storage company in Los Angeles is simple. You can contact local art galleries and museums to learn who they use. If they have been mentioned already in a company’s promotional or testimonial section online, you can use this to verify the validity of the ads and testimonials. If more than one museum and/or art gallery provides the same name, saying they or their clients have used them without issues, you need to follow up this initial research with an email to the art storage facility they have recommended.

Talk to the Company

Once you have short listed the companies you consider worthy contenders to handle your art pieces, contact them – both by email (or phone) and in person. You need to arrange a visit to ensure their facilities are in proper working hour. You have to ascertain for yourself that this company is more than capable of keeping your art pieces in the right climate, secure and protected.

The proper storage of your artwork is not to be slighted. If you want facilities for art storage in Los Angeles to measure up to the strict demands of the art world, you need to put some thought and care into doing the initial research into finding a qualified and highly recommended company. After locating one or two, it is up to you to visit and verify all their claims. Only by following such methods can you assure your work will be treated as it deserves to be.

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