Square Bend U Bolts: Fastening Components Together

When items require unification, manufacturers can choose from a variety of methods to accomplish this task. Depending upon whether the material requires permanent, semi-permanent or a non-permanent joints, the solution – or joiner can be:

* Adhesive

* Brazing

* Cementing

* Crimping

* Gluing

* Soldering

* Taping

* Welding

Alternative methods include such join material as bolts including square bend U bolts.

What Is a Square Bend U-Bolt?

Bolts come in several configurations for their application and specification variances. U-bolts are bolts shaped, as the name indicates, like a U. They are a single piece hot or cold formed, featuring partial threads on both ends. They may have a radius or, in the case of the square U-bolt, have two right angles. The U-shape makes them ideal for certain applications.


The square shape of the bolt is suitable for use in different industries. This bolt can:

* Attach products to a square shaped post such as square steel tubing or square wooden beam

* Act as an anchor if suspended in concrete cement

* Be employed for heavy equipment such as act as clamps for leaf spring and related components in trucks

* Piping support

Overall, because of their shape, square bend U bolts are ideally designed to support the suspension of duct work and metal channel for HVAC installation. This does not preclude them from construction and building work. It also does not restrict them from satisfying applications in the agricultural, automotive, medical and military industries. What will define the use, however, is the square as opposed to the round shape of round bend U-bolts.

Material for Square Bend U-Bolts

Bolts of this style are produced from a variety of materials. Selection depends upon the manufacturing company, the specifications, the applications, the environment of the application and similar related factors. A square shaped U-bolt may be formed from any of the following metals:

* Alloy steel

* Aluminum – light, corrosion resistant thermal and electrical conducive, and easy to manufacture

* Beryllium

* Brass – durable, conductive, corrosion resistant

* Copper

* Copper alloys

* Iron – carbonated

* Stainless steel

* Steel

* Titanium – durable, strong, light, corrosion resistant

In addition to the substrate or metal coating, a finishing coat or process may improve the physical properties. Choices include cadmium, chrome and phosphate. The steel may also be galvanized to improve the characteristics of the Square U-bolt.

Square Bend U Bolts

Like its round counterpart, the square bend U-bolt has the ability to act as an anchor or to provide support for hanging pipes. Its shape indicates it serves best when the object requiring support or anchoring is of a compatible shape. When selecting square bend U bolts, always talk to engineers about specifications, applications and environmental issues before making a decision.

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