5 Steps to Finding Makeup that’s Best for Tattoo Cover Ups

Need to cover up your tattoo? No worries. There are a lot of tattoo cover up makeup kits out there that are perfect for the job. Here’s how to go about finding the best one:

Pick out a tattoo concealer

Yes, there are concealers specially designed to hide your tattoo. What you have to be on the lookout for is one that matches your skin tone. It should also be waterproof so you won’t have to worry that a little sweat might wash it away. Go for something lightweight as well. Parabens-free also means good things.

Apply it on your skin

Use a small brush to get this done. Cover the area thoroughly. You wouldn’t want to miss a spot. Blend into your skin tone. Then wait for the coat to dry. After that, it’s time to put in a second coat on top. This ensures full coverage of the area.

Lock in color with foundation

Bustle says when you apply tattoo cover up makeup, the area often seems shinier than the rest of your skin. Of course you don’t want that. Good thing you could just blot powder or foundation on top. This helps lock in the color of the makeup as well as makes it less shiny or noticeable.

Try it out

Do chores. Prepare a meal. Work for an hour. Take a walk. Forget all about your hidden tattoo while you run errands or work. After an hour or two, check the area. Has the cover-up faded completely or only slightly? This should help you decide which makeup kits are worth it and not.

Be on the lookout for rashes

Observe if there any rashes or skin irritation pops out. That means your skin isn’t compatible with the makeup and you’ll have to go for something else. So pay attention to those signs.

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