3 Important Maintenance Tips for Your HI-Rail Crane in the USA

Cranes and other professional construction equipment need to be properly maintained in order to perform well in the future. These machines need basic lubrication, replacements, and adjustments in order to be able to work as intended. Here are three important maintenance tips for your hi-rail crane in the U.S.

  1. Review and Abide by the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Tips

Even if you’re not familiar with maintaining professional heavy equipment, you always have the option of referring to the instructions and tips outlined by the original equipment manufacturer, also referred to as the OEM. This will introduce you to maintenance intervals and the recommended procedures based on your hi-rail crane’s duty cycle. Contact the manufacturer to learn about the machine’s maintenance requirements. Any technical or complicated tasks related to repair and maintenance should be left to a professional.

  1. Inform Yourself and Other Workers about the Dangers of Improperly Maintained Equipment

Heavy equipment that is improperly maintained can easily and frequently put all workers and operators at risk, as well as make a dent in production. Cranes should be properly maintained and inspected before and after use. Bearings, wire ropes, brakes, tires, and all other critical components of the machine should be checked and approved for safety before operation.

  1. Create a Solid Maintenance Program

Any maintenance program that you draft and enforce should address the crane’s age, the environment it should and shouldn’t be operated in, and other things concerning maintenance needs. Some cranes need to be inspected and attended to daily, while others only need to be inspected once or twice a year.

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