Signs You Need Auto Transmission Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

Your car’s transmission is a system that you often do not think about until it starts having problems. Without your transmission, your vehicle is not drivable, because it cannot go into gear properly. It is important for you to be able to recognize the signs of problems with your transmission so you will know when it needs Auto Transmission Repair in Grand Rapids, MI. Repairing your transmission promptly can help you to avoid expensive transmission replacements. It is also important to have your transmission routinely maintained, through filter and fluid changes. This can keep your transmission running properly, so your vehicle does not experience problems in operation.

What are the Signs Your Transmission Is Having Problems?

* Hesitation -: When the gears are changing you may notice the transmission seems to hesitate. This hesitation may even cause your vehicle to die. Anytime you notice a hesitation when your gears are changing, this means you need repair to your transmission. It could simply mean your filter is clogged, or there could be other issues, like one of your gears is going out. If you take your vehicle in for an inspection, the transmission repair technician may be able to find the issue and repair it promptly, so you do not experience major problems.

* Grinding -: Another sign of problems with your transmission is grinding noises when the transmission changes gears. A grinding noise is typically a sign of major problems with your transmission. You should not continue to drive your vehicle in this state. If you do continue driving it, your transmission could have a complete breakdown, causing massive problems in the system. Make sure you get your vehicle in for Auto Transmission Repair in Grand Rapids, MI, so it can be repaired before you attempt to drive it again.

* Will not go into gear -: A major sign of issues with your transmission is when your vehicle will not go into gear at all. This often happens when you are in park and try to go into drive. Your vehicle may simply rumble and not move at all. Obviously, you cannot drive your vehicle in this state and must have it repaired immediately.

If you are experiencing any of these signs of transmission problems, contact Bob’s Transmission. He can help to get your transmission running properly, so your vehicle will be running at its best again.

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