Keeping Oil Fired Boilers Clean

Your oil fired boiler is an important piece of equipment for your home or office building. This type of boiler heats up a building or house by passing a mist of oil to be ignited into flames. The heat from these flames is blown through the building by blowers. It is a fairly simple process that serves a very important purpose, especially in the colder months. Like any other boiler, it is important to keep oil fired boilers clean. To do this, you simply need to prep, clean the furnace, clean up dirt and replace the filter, and call on a professional for regular maintenance.


Prepping oil fired boilers basically means turning off all electricity to the boiler and letting it cool down. While it is in the process of cooling, you can collect your safety gear, which ought to include gloves, eye protection, and a dust mask. The clothing that you wear should cover you completely (think longer sleeves and pants). Try to keep the area around your boiler as open and ventilated as possible while you are working there. Remember to also read your owner’s manual to make sure you are going about maintenance as recommended.


Starting with the furnace, you can use a shop vac to clean up loose debris, dust, and dirt. You can then take a dampened (not very wet) cloth to wipe down the motor and interior part of the furnace. Oil, dust, and grease tend to build up here, so clean it as best as you can without disturbing any sort of wires. Lubricate the motor when you are done, wipe down the service door, and put it back on.

Dirt and Filter

Clean the area around the furnace by sweeping or mopping up the dust and other debris, and remember to change the oil filter if it needs it.

Call a Professional

If your oil fired boilers have been having issues or there is a specific part that needs replacing, call on a professional to do it. It might not even hurt to have a professional technician take a look at your boiler once a year or so.

Following the tips listed above for cleaning oil fired boilers can help your boiler to last a long time with few issues. Consult your owner’s manual before embarking on any sort of boiler maintenance for your own safety.

For problems with oil fired boilers, you should call on a professional technician. Oil fired boilers can heat your home or building for years if you take the time to clean and care for them properly.

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