Different Types Of Equipment Used In Waste Management

There are various pieces of equipment that are used for the efficient relocation and eventual disposal of solid wastes. This waste can cover the gamut from domestic garbage cans to the disposal of sharps and other medical waste. Different solid waste requires very different approaches to disposal; this in turn means different equipment and treatment methods. A common piece of equipment is seen when various sites such as an apartment, a business block or construction site arranges for dumpster rental in Denver CO. A dumpster, along with the associated trucks to either empty it or physically move it is by far the most visible equipment.

There are extremely complex machines used in waste management, there are also extremely simple equipment such as a domestic garbage can. Many small garbage cans today are made from plastic, these are normal for home use. Large cans, many made from metal are used for public and commercial waste collection and segregation. These cans are fitted with lids which contain odors and for purposes of aesthetics.

Many commercial operations turn to dumpster rental in Denver CO for non-residential waste. Dumpsters are seen everywhere, they usually have a two part removable top and hatches for disposal of the waste; they have holes in the bottom to drain off any liquids as the garbage decomposes. On schedule, a large truck will pick up the waste contained in the dumpster, these trucks have forks which engage with the dumpster, the whole thing is then lifted and the waste tipped into the truck.

The trucks themselves are varied depending on the dumpster. Most small dumpsters are found behind restaurants etc and are emptied by a collection vehicle. There are other trucks which are designed to pull a large loaded container onto the back of a flat bed, the entire container is then removed to a dump site and a new container is put in place. These trucks can be classified as front or rear loaders as well as side loaders and pneumatic collectors.

Pneumatic collectors are similar in function to a huge vacuum cleaner. These vacuum machines are used to collect waste that is in liquid form and stored in underground tanks. Other more common vehicles are trash compactors which are fitted to most garbage trucks and other equipment which sorts and segregates recyclable materials.

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