Signs of Bad Wheel Bearings in Wisconsin

Worn wheel hub bearings can vary a good deal in severity, but if they are allowed to get too bad, they can cause a good deal of damage. That’s why it’s a good idea for drivers to keep an eye out for early warning signs. Keep an eye out for the following signs that wheel Bearings in Wisconsin are beginning to go bad and take the vehicle to a mechanic immediately for an inspection.

Grinding Sounds

If a vehicle is producing grinding sounds while it is in motion, it is an indication that there is mechanical damage to the car or truck’s wheel-end system. This mechanical damage is often related to its wheel bearings. It is most commonly noticed when the vehicle is turning or there is a shift in the load.

Wheel Vibration

This symptom is only sometimes related to wheel bearings. It can also be the result of a worn or damaged tire, wheel, suspension, or could be related to chassis misalignment. When it is caused by a wheel bearing or hub, it usually indicates severe mechanical damage. Either way, the problem should be evaluated by a professional immediately.

Snapping, Clicking, and Popping Noises

These sounds most often occur when vehicles are making sharp turns. They may be related to wear on a vehicle’s outer CV-joint, but they may also be the result of excessive bearing end-play. This issue is usually related to inadequate clamping.

Humming or Rumbling

Most drivers assume that, if their vehicles are making a humming, rumbling, or growling sound, there must be an issue with either an electrical component or the car’s drivetrain. However, bad Bearings in Wisconsin can also cause this noise and vibration. If the vehicle is making some grumbling noises while it’s being driven in a straight line, and these sounds intensify when the steering wheel is turned, it’s more likely the bearings.

ABS Failure

If bearing damage becomes severe, it can cause internal and external sensor damage. This is caused by excess end-play or loss of a bearing clamp, usually due to severe mechanical damage. Visit to find new wheel bearings for the damaged vehicle immediately.

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