Auto Air Conditioning Service in Kahului Keeps Drivers Happy and Cool

Keep your car running cool by having your air conditioning checked. An auto air conditioning service in Kahului covers the repair of components in your A/C system. These parts may include the compressor, blower motor, condenser, cooling fan, or relays. So, whether or not your A/C needs repair, it is always good to have the system inspected.

A/C Replacements

An auto air conditioning service can include one or more of the following replacements:

* Compressor replacement

* Condenser replacement

* Evaporator core replacement

* Replacement of the thermal expansion valve

* Replacement of the receiver dryer

* Cabin filter replacement

Work may also include an A/C system evacuation and recharge, or an R134a retrofitting.

Keeping the System Operational

Before any service is facilitated on an air conditioner, however, you have to understand that the A/C is a system. Therefore, all the components need to work together. One of the costlier repairs is the compressor. That is because a failure causes the part’s internal components to be pushed through other system parts. Before a compressor can be replaced, other A/C components must be checked and possibly replaced. These other parts may include the condenser and the receiver dryer.

Oil for the Compressor

The oil for a compressor is the lifeblood of an A/C system. However, the oil is only used in the compressor; lubrication is not needed in the other parts. Different types of compressor oils are available. If the compressor is replaced, the old oil is flushed from the system and new oil is added. When replacing a compressor, the technician will also check the hose assemblies. All the assemblies are internally cleaned before installing a replacement compressor.

Unfortunately, compressor failure leads to a complete clean-up of your A/C system. By making this auto air conditioning service upgrade, you can ensure the operational life of your A/C. Learn more about A/C services.