Child Custody Lawyers in Scranton, PA, Stay Busy Resolving Claims

Child custody is a common claim in family court. Therefore, child custody lawyers in Scranton, PA, such as John T. O’Malley, Attorney at Law, handle a large volume of divorce cases that involve the issue of custody and support. The cases can be especially difficult during a divorce as both parents are often distrustful of one another. However, regardless of the parents’ feelings, a judge in the case always determines custody based on a child’s best interests.

Making a Custody Decision

A judge may assign physical and legal custody to one parent, or the rights may be shared. For example, a child may spend the summers, weekends, and alternating holidays with their non-custodial parent, with both of the patents having an equal say in the child’s care. When approving a schedule for child custody, the court does what it can to avoid any disruption to a child’s everyday activities.

Determining Financial Support

Child custody lawyers assist parents in working out financial support for a child as well. The amount of support ordered is determined in accordance with a state’s statutes. The calculation for support takes into account the parents’ incomes, any support paid for other children, and the cost of health insurance, among other factors.

Making Modifications for Support and Custody

As a result, both support and custody order are subject to change. In fact, many child custody lawyers spend a good deal of time representing their client’s interests in modification proceedings. Examples of modifications include a move, disability, or the loss of a job.

Child custody lawyers also work on cases that require the establishment of paternity. Other issues may include grandparent rights, adoption, or the termination of parental rights. Because this area of law has evolved significantly, it is essential to seek the services of a qualified legal representative. Lawyers at John T. O’Malley, Attorney at Law are well experienced in Scranton, PA.