Important Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Cards

Planning a wedding can be an exciting time in life, but it can also become overwhelming with long to-do lists and countless decisions. There’s also the matter of budget, and the difficulty of finding supplies that suit your unique theme and personal taste. Here are a few tips for selecting the wedding cards for your special day.

You may have a lot of decisions to make, but a few key choices can help narrow down your card options, especially if you make them early. Knowing your wedding date and color scheme can give you time to incorporate your wedding colors into the card if you choose and send out save-the-dates in time. The extra time can also give you some space to play with different options without stressing too much.

You can also consider different sizes. The larger cards and envelopes can make wedding cards more expensive to send, but if you need to incorporate a lot of text that wouldn’t be legible on a smaller size, the extra cost may be worth it. If you’re unsure of what all needs to fit on the card, you can always research a few traditional wording conventions to see how it will fit the space. Fitting too much text in can cost you some of the elegant appeal, so really think if you need that extra line or two at the bottom.

Cost can fluctuate as you play with size, text, and color, so it might be a good idea to keep track of these changes as you go along. You probably don’t want to design your dream wedding cards only to find out you can no longer afford them! There are a lot of elements to sort through, but by beginning early, knowing your dates, budget and color scheme, you can create a lovely set of cards that fits your style and wedding goals. Contact Regal Cards to learn more

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