The Variety of Options Provided by a Catering Service in Fort Wayne, IN

A Catering Service in Fort Wayne IN can provide food and wait staff for corporate events to be held at any participating venues in the area. Customization geared to the company holding the event and their expected attendees will guarantee success and satisfactory experience for everyone.

A Few Examples of Catered Events

Many events benefit from this type of service. Examples include business dinners with all the sales execs and their biggest clients, brainstorming meetings at lunchtime, and holiday parties taking place during the end-of-the-year season. Those holiday parties can include one or two complimentary alcoholic beverages, as most companies don’t want to have an open bar. That costs an exorbitant amount of money and invites unwanted behavior due to overindulging.

Meal Style Possibilities

A Catering Service in Fort Wayne IN can provide traditional, familiar fare or stir things up with more creative choices. Ethnic cuisine can be fun for a change of pace. The event organizers will want to learn whether any of the attendees have special dietary requirements, including not eating meat or gluten. They’ll appreciate it that somebody thought of their needs and preferences so they aren’t stuck eating a bowl of salad, mashed potatoes, and nothing else. This is an all-too-common occurrence at class reunions and other events in which the organizers feel the need to skimp on food choices to stay within a budget.

The meal can be a family-style setup with dishes to be passed around, a buffet style where people get their food from platters and roasters, or each person can be served a meal he or she chose from a menu with the RSVP. Outdoor barbecue and picnic-style casual fare can be served too, depending on the type of event.

From Simple to Extravagant

At a venue like Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center, caterers can bring food and decorations for simple lunches and extravagant fundraising or awards events. No matter what the occasion, the organizers should expect high quality and a large variety of menu items from which to choose. Please visit the Website Domain for details on this particular catering service.

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