Should you write your SEO content yourself?

You know your business better than anyone else – that fact can’t be argued. But does that mean you should write all of the SEO content for your website, blog posts, newsletters, etc. yourself? Most experts would answer with an emphatic no – absolutely not. An SEO content writing service is a much better option. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

* Time: You are a busy entrepreneur; your time should be spent on revenue-generating tasks like product development, sales and customer relationship building. If you try to write the content for your online marketing, your valuable time gets taken away from the more important tasks, and that could end up costing money down the road in lost revenue.

* Outsource to the experts: Successful entrepreneurs will tell you that if you’re not an expert at something, outsource the task to someone who is. In fact, most business owners are great delegators because they know that they need to spend 80% of their time on revenue generating activities. Spend some time with an SEO expert to discuss your business, your goals, and the general ideas that you want conveyed in your marketing; and then let them run with it.

* Monitor: SEO content is not something that gets created once and left for months on end. It needs to be cultivated, monitored, tweaked and rewritten on a regular basis. Otherwise, it’s not worth the initial effort. SEO experts will take on this task as well and will report back to you with the results of the campaign. You will be kept abreast of what’s going on without having to waste your time doing it yourself.

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