Benefits of cooking with fire pits

Cooking with fire pits is gaining in popularity! While grilling outdoors once was only done on a propane or charcoal barbecue or grill, an increasing amount of individuals are finding out about the joys of constructing a wood fire and utilizing the barbecue pit to grill delectable food while taking in the aromas and warmth of an actual wood fire. There will include many things which are fantastic about outdoor fire pits:

Outdoor fire pit and barbecue pit

One good thing about cooking with fire pits is that the fire pit may double as a fire pit grill and outdoor camping fire pit. In other words, upon some days it’s possible to sit around the outside fire with family and friends and enjoy the warmth of an excellent fire. On other days you also can use it as a barbecue pit in order to roast or grill delicious foods. Even better, do both of them on the same day!

Cooking with firewood

There’s nothing like the flavor of a juicy, fat steak grilled over actual firewood embers. The wonderful smells which are infused inside the food will be nothing short of incredible. You even can vary it a little by locating different kinds of firewood with different characteristics. Apple wood, almond wood, oak, cherry wood, and many additional types of wood are typically available in many areas. You also can find mesquite or hickory chips to add in stronger flavors.

Versatility of recipes

Pretty much any recipe you’re able to cook on a grill may be prepared on a barbecue pit. If you locate a lid for the fire pit it’s possible to roast larger pieces of meat using indirect heat. You may sear burgers, steaks, sausages, hot dogs, or game birds. You even can toss a frying pan over the fire then pan fry veggies or scallops. Most barbecue pits also have rotisserie attachments that permit a user to rotisserie cook turkeys, chickens, suckling pigs or a lamb if you have a large enough pit!

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