Should You Use the Best Paint Brushes and Rollers?

Whether you’re a homeowner with a large painting project or you provide painting services as part of your business, you’ll need to invest in paint brushes and rollers. You could buy cheap and disposable products, but you might end up with cheap looking work that your customers won’t appreciate. When you need painting supplies it’s important to buy the best materials you can and here are some good reasons why.

Cheap Brushes – What’s the Difference?

Suppose you buy a cheap paint brush. You will save money on supplies because cheap products cost less. However, there is a reason for their cost-effectiveness. First, you’ll probably notice that the hairs are stiff and no matter how much you bend them, they remain stiff. Here are some more undesirable features you may discover with a cheap brush:

Inefficient coverage – cheap brushes may not apply paint in a smooth and even manner.

Quality – you may be painting a wall with your cheap brush and notice bristles coming off and lodging in the paint. This happens because the bristles are not securely attached.

Ergonomics – a cheaply made brush doesn’t feel good in your hand, and you could soon get tired or fatigued.

Cheap Rollers

Cheap paint brushes and rollers may have ergonomic issues, and that’s because they are not designed for comfort. Cheap rollers won’t cover well and may leave tiny bubbles or holes in the paint.

Choosing the Best Materials

When you shop for quality-made paint brushes and rollers, look for materials like mohair, lambswool, and microfiber roller covers. Consider quality brand brushes like Redbird, Golden Touch, Brant, Elite, and Easy Trim. The best materials will give you superior painting coverage. It will impress your customers, and they’ll be more likely to recommend your services to friends and family.

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