Paint Rollers for Smooth Finish

If you are getting ready to paint the interior walls of your home, you may be having a tough time picking the right roller for your needs. After all, paint rollers in a variety of different shapes and sizes. However, if you want an ultra smooth finish for your walls, there are specific steps you should take. Read on to learn them below.

Prep Appropriately

Half the battle of achieving a smooth paint finish comes from the preparation work you do. Be sure to carefully wash your walls and sand as needed to level out the surface and achieve a smooth layer that is ideal for painting. Next, you can move on to selecting paint rollers for smooth finish to finish off your project.

Size Matters

Paint rollers for smooth finish typically come in small sized naps. The thinner the nap, the more smooth you can expect the paint finish to be. Like wise, using a larger nap will increase the amount of texture on your paint finish.

Avoid Rough Material

Another way to achieve ac smooth paint finish is to choose a nap with a dense and soft material. Thick and textured materials are typically used to create an orange peel effect on painted walls. Specialty naps are designed specifically for a satin wall finish and are worth investigating.

Achieving a smooth paint finish for your walls can be challenging. However, you can easily accomplish this goal with the right know how. Use these strategies to get the look of your dreams.

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