Types of Paint Rollers Perfect for Paint Store Owners To Sell

Paint store owners have a lot of products they need to keep stocked. This includes many different types of paints, trays, tape, and more.

If you own a paint store, you’ll also have to make sure that you’re keeping rollers in your store. Take a look into what kind of lambswool roller you should be selling to your customers.


Avid painters are going to want to make sure that they stock up on a lot of rollers. The issue is that some paint stores can be offering their rollers at a high price.

When you sell a lambswool roller to a customer, make sure that you offer competitive pricing. It should be low enough that a customer wouldn’t mind stocking up for the next couple of months, whether they plan on painting soon or not.


You might not care what brand of products you’re selling to customers. You might think that all of your customers are just going to keep coming back to your store no matter what.

However, some paint store owners like to be a bit more competitive. Think about purchasing lambswool rollers from a company that can customize them with your own labels. When customers purchase these, they will keep coming back thinking that you’re the only store owner who can provide them.


Even if you own a paint store, you might have a lot of questions about paint rollers. The issue is that some manufacturers don’t care to talk much to the people they are selling their products to.

Look around for a company that offers customer support to all their business partners. You should be able to get information from them like shipping times, potential discounts, and more.

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