Service From a Bail Bond Company in Huntsville, AL Helps Defendants With Quick Release From Jail

Being arrested and facing criminal charges is frightening. The situation is even worse when the person is forced to stay in jail before trial because cash bail is unaffordable. An alternative is to contact a Bail Bond Company in Huntsville AL. The agency will provide a surety bond to the court if the defendant can have a friend or relative apply and pay the fee for this service.

Preset Bail Amounts for Nonviolent Offenses

Often, a judge has not been involved in the setting of bail. Many bail amounts are preset for a broad range of criminal offenses, especially misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies. Drug possession, breaking and entering, burglary, and car theft are just a few examples.

A Heavily Regulated Business

People who worry about the reliability of bail bond agencies must understand that the company is heavily regulated. Licensing is required, and maximum fees are set by state laws. In addition, men and women often become interested in this area of business because they are troubled by the U.S. bail system. They feel that holding defendants behind bars before trial is unjust.

Fast Results at Any Time of Day

When the need arises for the service of a Bail Bond Company in Huntsville AL, residents want fast results. They are relieved to discover that a bonding agency typically provides service 24 hours a day no matter what day of the week it is. They can have their loved one released on a Sunday or even on a major holiday like Thanksgiving. The defendant will not have to stay in jail any longer than it takes to complete the bonding process.

Depending on where the defendant is being held, the release process may take just an hour or two, or the person may have to wait a bit longer. Same-day release should be expected, though, after the bond has been posted by an agency such as A Discount Bonding Co. Inc. It may be possible for this bond to be filed electronically with the jail or it can be posted in person to a jail officer. Anyone who needs help may Browse website for contact information.

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