Finding the Right Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Tacoma, WA for Your Unique Situation

When the time comes to choose a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Tacoma WA, what should a debtor be looking for? What qualities are essential in a person offering legal services relating to bankruptcy? Following are three things to find in the attorney you will be working with during the case.

Alternate Resolutions

A bankruptcy attorney should discuss all available options with his or her clients. Bankruptcy isn’t the answer for everyone, as not all debts will be erased using this method. For example, the attorney may recommend the client look into credit counseling or make payment arrangements with creditors as opposed to filing for bankruptcy. This depends on the unique circumstances the debtor is facing, the type of debt he or she has, the debtor’s income, and more.


The attorney representing a debtor needs to be passionate about what he or she does. Having an indifferent attorney is not good, as he or she may not work their hardest to protect the rights of the debtor while obtaining the best possible outcome. Although attorneys must represent each client to the best of their ability, there is a difference between adequate and aggressive representation. Know which type the attorney will provide before signing with any professional.

Listening Skills

Bankruptcy isn’t easy. This is not a decision a person makes before taking on debt. Most people only use this option when they have exhausted all others. The attorney needs to listen to the client and understand why he or she is taking this step and what the goal of the bankruptcy is. By listening to the client, the Bankruptcy Attorney in Tacoma WA can determine the right solution for his or her unique needs and situation.

Contact multiple attorneys and meet with each before choosing one to work with. Furthermore, never base the decision on price alone, as doing so can be a mistake. The goal is to improve one’s financial future, and the right attorney works to ensure this happens. The wrong one, in contrast, looks out for his or her own interests first rather than the client’s, and this isn’t helpful. Don’t rush the process. With the right legwork, you’ll find you choose the best attorney and get the relief you desire.

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