Selecting A Size And Shape Of Chew Bones For Puppies

Taking care of a puppy means a lot of responsibility. Puppies are naturally curious and also brave and adventurous, so they need to be carefully monitored and supervised. Puppies of all breeds, mixes, and ages from weaning to one year of age are also very prone to chewing.

The Chewing Issue

Part of the need to chew is a puppy’s way of experiencing the world around them. Mouthing is a common form of chewing as puppies learn what is edible and what is not in their environment. Chewing is also a natural instinct to help with teething, similar to how babies find soothers and teething rings helpful to stimulate the gums as their teeth are coming in.

Finding healthy option in chew bones for puppies is easy. Puppy owners need to avoid rawhide bones and chews as these can be deadly to a puppy. The soggy mass of rawhide can be swallowed, posing a risk for choking or digestive obstructions and blockages.

Healthy ingredients such as baked pork skin, chicken, peanut butter, milk and essential vitamins and minerals formed into chew bones for puppies is a top option. These are safe for indoor use, and the puppy will eat the entire bone with no messy cleanup required.

Size and Shapes

Puppies come in all different sizes. Choose a size of chew bone which is too large for the puppy to swallow but small enough to allow him or her to satisfy their urge to chew. Larger breeds and mixes may need to move quickly to small or even medium-sized chew bones for puppies to avoid the issue of swallowing the bone and posing a choking risk.

Shapes such as knots and braids are ideal for more aggressive chewers. Other options to consider also include twists, which provide significant chewing enjoyment along with the other shapes. Try different sizes, shapes, and flavors, and you will find your puppy has a favorite.

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