Signs That It’s Time for New Andersen Windows in Santa Clarita, CA

When it’s time to improve the efficiency and performance of a home’s existing windows, contractors and homeowners have numerous options to consider. While a DIY fix such as window film installation or weatherstripping replacement may help, sometimes new Andersen Windows in Santa Clarita CA are the best option. Here, readers will learn the most evident signs of the need for window replacement.

Cracked Frames and Window Panes

Some kinds of damage, such as those that can be repaired with hardware and weatherstripping replacements, should be resolved right away. However, damaged, broken, and warped frames and sashes should be replaced, not repaired. Damaged frames aren’t just unattractive, they compromise the efficiency of siding, insulation, and HVAC systems.

Foggy Glass

This issue arises only in homes with double- or triple-pane windows. Condensation becomes trapped between panes, usually from holes that are barely detectable. If the windows have gas between the panes, the foggy appearance may indicate a leak. Once a multiple-pane window starts to leak, consider replacement.

Soft Frames

If the home has wooden windows, excess moisture may cause the sills to rot on the exterior. If window sills feel soft, think about replacing the exterior frame and window. Even if no other defects are noticeable, it’s likely that such a window will begin to deteriorate soon.

Becoming Stuck

Continual window use creates small divots and grooves. Over the years, the stress of normal use may cause the window frames to crack. Depending on the nature of the damage, these windows may stick when opening or closing. This kind of age-related wear and tear is a good indication that new Andersen Windows in Santa Clarita CA are a great idea.

High Utility Bills

A significant amount of a household’s spending goes toward cooling and heating. If there’s been an uptick in energy consumption, the home’s windows may be to blame. Replacing drafty old windows with Energy Star-certified models may bring substantial energy savings.

If a homeowner notices signs of window deterioration, they should consider the units’ longevity and repairability as well as their own budget. Contact Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company for more details or to schedule an estimate.

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