Safety And Boat Docks in Port Charlotte FL

When people build new boat docks in Port Charlotte FL for their water crafts, they have to think about safety. Accidents can happen when safety isn’t a priority. If an accident happens because of a dock owner’s negligence, they can be sued. Who wants to end up in court just because they didn’t use the right safety measures?


To have a safe dock, lighting is a must. A dock that has lighting is easily visible at night. That can prevent boaters from crashing into it. A visible dock can also help prevent boaters from becoming lost. They can simply follow the lights to shore. Following the lights of a dock can also be used by swimmers who are out in the water. Besides being a safety feature, lighting can also help with a dock’s look. Colorful lighting can be added to make the dock appear more lively when it’s illuminated.

Using A Professional Electrician

People who are building boat docks in Port Charlotte FL need to make sure they use professional electricians. A property owner who is trying to save money might look to unqualified contractors because of the cheap rates. When electrical work isn’t done correctly, a lot of bad things can happen. Fires can start because of faulty installations. People can also be shocked because of bad installations. It’s just best for a property owner to schedule an appointmentwith a professional electrician for all the dock’s electrical needs.

Other Safety Tips

There’s more to dock safety than using lighting and having a professional electrician do the installation. Ring buoys should be near the dock. The buoys should be easily visible and not difficult to detach if ever needed to help a person who is drowning. If the dock is going to have stairs, it will need railings. Having floor coverings that are made to prevent slipping can help with safety. It’s also a good idea to have a first aid kit by the dock in case of emergencies.

A safety plan should be laid out while the dock is being constructed. Safety is not something that should be an afterthought.

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