7 Tips to Help You Get a Good Deal for Happy Hour

Make the most out of happy hour. Here are top tips to pay attention to.

Look for deals

Find restaurants that offer deals for late night happy hour in Pembroke Pines. That’s a good place to get your search started.

Ask around

Get tips from friends and family. They may know some places that offer excellent rates for late night happy hour in Pembroke Pines. Their suggestions can help you find a new restaurant, one you’re bound to add to your go-to list for its wallet-friendly ways, the Class Pass says.

Order appetizers

Soak up the drinks with food. Pick an establishment that’s going to offer you great snacks or appetizers, all of which will do well with beer or drinks.

Consider the time

What is the closing time for the restaurant? Some may close early, which will cut into your happy time. But if you aren’t going to spend more than an hour or two, then that may still work out for you. Check the schedule and consider how long you’ll be staying when you pick a restaurant for a happy hour treat.

Look for healthy options

If you already plan on drinking up a lot during happy hour, then balance it out by ordering a healthy meal. Also, eating before you drink will help you from going under much too soon.

Check out the menu

If you and your friends are meeting up at the restaurant, make sure it’s got something for everyone. Take time to check out items on the menu.

Read reviews

Check out reviews from other customers. While you’ll want to take some of the comments with a grain of salt, if there are too many complaints about the service quality or the food, you may want to save yourself the stress and hassle by going elsewhere for happy hour. For more information about these services click here. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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