Reviewing Services Offered By Utility Billing Companies

Not all utility billing companies offer the same services and the same professional approach to providing full billing, payment processing and management of accounts. Finding the ideal company to fill the needs of your commercial or residential property is important to both tenants as well as property owners.

Scope of Service

For properties with currently installed submeters, choosing utility billing companies based on their billing and payment management is all that will be required. For those properties with a need for submeter installation, finding one company to complete all aspects of the installation process will be essential.

These companies can also assist in planning the project to limit any disruption to tenants. With experienced crews and project management, this can be a quick and highly professional operation that includes installing and configuring meters as well as providing water testing services after the project is completed.

Billing and Payments

Not all utility billing companies provide full in-house services for setting up customer accounts, managing online billing and processing payments. Look for a company completing the entire process within their own organization and not subcontracting with other providers.

Always take the time to research the company and to learn about their record of providing service to tenants and property owners. The best companies will have experience and expertise in all areas of providing information on accounts, making the signup and login process easy, and in securely processing tenant payments.

As not all customers will have the same payment methods available, choose a utility billing company offering a wide range of payment methods. The company should accept major credit cards as well as provide tenants with the option to pay their monthly bills using echeck.

The processing company for online payments should also have a top reputation for safety and security. This includes a secure login using a username and password for tenants as well as a secure login for landlords to be able to monitor their account.

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