Reasons To Move To Automated Meter Reading

Making a choice to move from the old style of water meters that have to read to the new automated meters or smart meters is a good choice for all types of properties. These properties can include commercial units or multifamily dwelling types of buildings.

The meters are also an excellent option for properties with multiple homes or specialty properties such as mobile home parks, private guest accommodations or any other type of rental property.

There are several reasons why automated meter reading is superior to in-person reading or estimates. Understanding the advantages and the benefits, they offer tenants as well as property owners, and managers will assist in making the best decision for your needs.

Accuracy in Readings

All automated meter reading operates with a small chip that is in place in each meter. This chip can read the movement of the metering dials and convert that to a digital signal. This digital signal is then received by the water management service, providing accurate and up-to-date readings.
This data is transmitted over secure channels in an encrypted form. It is all done automatically through the system. It does not transmit your address, payment information or your personal information.

Lower Cost

When you are not using automated meter reading technology, customers have to call in their meter readings, or someone is sent out to obtain readings manually. Sending out employees is very costly both in hourly wages as well as fuel and vehicle maintenance and purchase costs.

With accurate readings, each month and immediate readings possible by system administrators, any irregularities in consumption rates can be immediately checked. The systems can even be set up to send notifications with unusual water use or use on a meter flagged as off.

With this feature, any unauthorized use of water in a unit that is empty can be detected with each data update. Also, turning on a meter for a new tenant is as easily as logging onto the system through the administrator portal and setting up the account.

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