Insights When Choosing Utility Metering Solutions

When looking for utility metering solutions as a large or small utility or for submetering solutions, finding an ideal company to partner with in everything from the choice of equipment through to the design and deployment of meters, regulatory compliance and in billing and payment processing is an ideal option.

These companies become a partner to the utility, assisting in the day to day issues with regards to metering, billing, and payments that frees up the utility staff to work on expanding their customer base and supporting existing customers.

Choosing the right utility metering solutions for your company is not simply picking a recognized name in the industry. Instead, it is a matter of comparing what each company offers and then making the right choice based on the specific requirements of the customers and the utility.

Compare Services

Between the companies under consideration for utility metering services, start by considering what you need. Make a list of what is to be outsourced to the third-party service provider.

Verify that all of the companies under consideration are prepared to offer a bid on all the services that are the minimum requirements for the utility. This should be a non-negotiable factor as it becomes too challenging when dealing with multiple service providers.

Ask for References

Websites for companies offering utility metering solutions are often very informative and provide good information on what the company offers. However, by talking to current customers, it is possible to find out how the company actually performs on those promises of service.

Some service providers offer real-time to the utility companies. Reviewing this data can give a very clear picture of the type of service you can expect. The confirmation of talking to a current utility company using the service will allow you to clarify the type of support and service you will receive.

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