Respect the Earth with Humane Bee Removal in San Diego

That swarm of bees that just took up residence in your yard may look intimidating. Just don’t be so quick to call the first pest control team that catches your eye in the Yellow Pages. Here is why contacting professional experts in Bee Removal in San Diego is the most responsible course of action to take.

Honey Bees: An Endangered Species?

The world is experiencing such an alarming decline in bee populations that their extinction is a looming possibility. Global concern for the continuation of the honey bee species is not an overreaction. Bees play an enormous part in the global ecosystem thanks to their relentless pollinating services. About one third of plant products consumed by humans are dependent in some way on bee pollination. In a world without bees, the produce available for purchase in grocery stores will be a shadow of what its selection once was. The last thing honey bees need is their extinction furthered by their hasty destruction at the hands of the fearful and ignorant.

Proper Bee Removal

Most of the time, especially if the hive is large or honey-producing, or if the swarm is aggressive, it is not recommended that homeowners take it upon themselves to remove it. Special suits and equipment, in addition to expertise, is required. Hives that are constructed within or very close to buildings and human inhabitants cannot just be eliminated or chemically treated, as these methods are only temporary solutions and do not prevent re-infestation. Proper Bee Removal in San Diego always tries to move bees if the conditions are right. The bees are then relocated to beekeepers, local farms, or bee conservation organizations. For example, donates most of the bees to a co-op network based in Southern California called Hive Savers.

While swarms and hives of honey bees in human areas can be unpleasant or dangerous, it is important to remember their role in the environment. Every living thing is either directly or indirectly dependent on the humble honey bee. Contacting a professional Bee Removal team will ensure a responsible, safe, and environmentally-friendly relocation of a bee hive.

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