All You Need to Know About Ice Luge in Long Island NY

If you are unfamiliar with ice luges, this is a type of ice sculpture that is used for shooters at parties. The idea is to chill the shots which are poured in on one end to come out of the other end. Ice luges are available in a lot of different shapes and sizes and can add extra excitement to any party. They are for celebrations such as hen and buck nights, birthdays and corporate parties. You can also get champagne ice luge in Long Island, NY for bridal parties. It is important to serve and drink alcohol responsibly.

One of the things that you would want to know is how the ice luge works. The drink is usually poured at the top where it goes through the ice and shoots out of the other end. The drink will usually be poured one glass at a time and is perfect for shooters such as vodka. Ice luges can also be made with two tracks or drinking tubes which means two people can use the luge at the same time. This is great for a little extra excitement such as having shot races.

You can choose between getting drinking tubes or tracks on ice luges depending on what exactly you are looking for. Where the tracks are present, these will be incorporated on the outside of the ice, and works much the same way as a channel does. You will typically find a pouring hole at the top that can accommodate shots. Tubes can also be frozen into the ice. Here, a funnel shape at the top of the tube allows the server to pour in drinks. The choice between the two will depend on the shape of the luge.

Finally, taking the drink itself can be done with a waiting glass or caught directly in the mouth. Hygiene is not a big concern with an Ice Luge in Long Island NY but is worth exploring either way. Because the ice keeps melting, the surface will clean itself. This is in addition to the fact that alcohol acts as a sterilizing agent. Even in this case, you can have a luge designed such that alcohol can only be caught in a shot glass. You only need to mention this to professional ice suppliers such as Business Name and they should be able to accommodate you.

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