Luxury Apartments Provide the Space You Need

Everyone’s familiar with New York City’s reputation of teeny, tiny apartments with hefty price tags. While space is valuable in the city, and you don’t purchase an apartment in the city for the space, there are luxury apartments that provide all of the space you need and many people qualify for financing to help offset the initial costs of purchase. The upper east side is a great area with many luxury apartments and condos for sale. The neighborhoods are quiet and the people friendly, but the best part is that you get the space you want.

While the cost of luxury apartments on the upper east side is slightly higher than in other areas of the city, you won’t be disappointed in your investment. Because the area is desirable, purchasing an apartment is an investment that will have a return. Real estate prices often rise, and as more developers redesign the older areas, buyers can feel confident that their purchase is a good real estate investment.

Multiple Bedrooms

If you worry that you won’t be able to afford living on the upper east side, take into consideration that many of the luxury apartments on the upper east side have multiple bedrooms. This means you can work out an arrangement for a roommate who can help with the mortgage payment. Many single men and women prefer a roommate situation to living alone because it allows for the purchase of a more expensive apartment. A roommate also provides a level of security that you don’t get when living alone. Units that have more than one bedroom often have larger square footage and provide the perfect sized kitchen and living areas for two people.

Get That Extra Bathroom

When purchasing a large home, it’s expected that you would have more than one bathroom. With NYC apartments, being able to find one and a half bathrooms can seem like you’ve hit the jackpot. However, that little half bath you so desperately desire can really raise the price tag on a rental. With luxury apartments, you can find condos or apartments that offer multiple bathrooms, including half baths, providing all of the space you need. The jump in price isn’t too high either, making finding what you need more affordable than trying to haggle over an increased lease.

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