Resources for Printers In California

Printers In California have a few different resources for helping out their business financially, legally, and otherwise. First, all those involved in the graphic arts industry are able to join Printing Industries of America. This organization offers scholarships, outreach programs, and teacher’s programs to help further education for grade school through college. The second organization is called the Printing Industries Association, INC of Southern California. This trade association works primarily with those southern printers in California and represents the industry in most government matters.

After consolidating with the GATF, the Printing Industries of America trade association is the largest in it’s field. Their main goal is to grow the industry, enhance efficiency, and generate the highest profitability. The PIA offers scholarships to those interested in a career in either printing, packaging or publishing. In 2011, about two hundred students received scholarships to attend about seventy different schools. In addition, the PIA also offers programs to help graphic arts teachers to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, supplies, and technology. They offer a three-day program where registration is free during their annual graphic communications global exhibition.

The Printing Industries Association, INC of Southern California directly serves local printers in the matters of government, financing, and even offers a program to help make businesses aware of potential “problem clients”. They maintain “watchdog” status with California officials and alert their members to any new laws or legislation changes that may effect their business. They also run their own collection service. This service is much cheaper than going through an outside agency, and specializes specifically in the print industry. To help avoid having to go this route in the first place, they also offer a Slow Pay Reporting service in which members can report clients who have a history of delinquency to a confidential list that is available only to others in the industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 448,100 people were employed in printing or a related support activity. In order to help ensure the industry’s success, these people are able to join the Printing Industries of America trade association, which helps those interested in going into printing through each stage of their education. There are also trade associations for different regions, such as the Printing Industries Association, INC of Southern California which helps professionals on a more local front with legislation, financial matters, and even finding employment.

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