Requirements for Pest Control Companies in Jacksonville AR Keep You Safe

Inviting strangers into your home is never a comfortable experience. When it comes to pest control, the thought of having someone spray chemicals around your house that are meant to kill rodents and insects can be frightening.

Fortunately, state requirements for pest control companies in Jacksonville AR and the rest of Arkansas are there to keep you safe and healthy.

Requirements for Pest Control Companies

Arkansas has quite a number of licenses and requirements for those selling pesticides, and those that are actually involved in removing the pests.

Arkansas has a license for commercial use, dealer use, private use, and public use. All of these various licenses require that an individual be knowledgeable about the subject in question.

In addition to obtaining a license initially, there are continuing education requirements to protect consumers. Each individual license holder must earn 16 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for each four-year period that their license is valid.

There are hefty fines if a business operates in this industry without a license.

In essence, it’s very important to the state that the professionals you invite into your home know what they’re doing and are responsible in handling their tools and materials.


Pest control companies frequently use pesticides in their work. A pesticide is any agent that’s used to kill or repel pests. Insecticides (which kill or repel insects), and rodenticides (which kill or repel rodents) are materials that a pest control company in Arkansas would typically use.

When it comes to pesticides, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has very specific requirements as to how these must be used. Each pesticide is labelled with information on how it is to be used, what the environmental hazards are, directions for use, and how it should be discarded.

Insecticides and rodenticides are applied in low doses in order to protect consumers. Of course, they are unsafe to humans and pets in large doses, but the methods and policies of pest control companies are there to keep the consumer safe.


Fumigation is a method used by pest control companies which involves completely filling a building with fumigants to kill the pests inside.

The practice does worry many consumers, but there are many safety requirements that each company will have to follow in order to keep the consumer and their pets safe.

First of all, all of the licensed professionals involved are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the agents used in the process. The professional that organizes the fumigations is required to be certified to handle that task specifically.

All living things will be required to leave the building before fumigation can begin.

After the fumigation is carried out, a ventilation process will begin. This process ensures that chemicals used in the fumigation are removed. The structure will then be checked to be sure it is safe to re-enter.