Refinishing Wood Floors in Tribeca

When someone has wood floors in their home, they will need to maintain them to the best of their ability, so they last for years to come. Over time, Wood Floors in Tribeca will become worn, signifying the need to refinish them to revitalize their appearance. Here are some steps one can take in making their wood floors look like new again.

Before refinishing a floor can be done, furniture and personal belongings will need to be removed from the area. It is a good idea to hang tarps over doorways, so sawdust does not make its way into the home when the process is being done. Light fixtures should be covered, so particles do not get caught inside of them. Remove any floor molding from the room before starting the refinishing process.

The floor will need to be sanded with a walk-behind sanding machine made specifically for refinishing floor projects. A professional refinishing service can be hired to do the job if the homeowner does not feel comfortable doing the process themselves. Start at one side of the room and sand from floor to floor, whisking away the top layer of wood in the process. It is best that the sanding machine passes over the edge of the previously sanded row to ensure no areas are missed during this process.

After the entire surface of the floor is sanded down, it will need to be vacuumed to remove particles of sawdust. Stain can then be brushed on each wood board to give it a vibrant coloring if desired. A clear-coating can then be applied on the floor to give it additional protection from wear. After the floor is completed, take special care in keeping debris off the surface to avoid damage to the new appearance. Vacuuming the area with an attachment every few days will aid in keeping the floor looking its best.

If someone wishes to learn more about refinishing Wood Floors in Tribeca, they can call a flooring service to help with this task. Contact New York Wood Flooring to make an appointment for an evaluation of the floor to get an estimate if desired.

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