Branding Ideas For Uniform Polo Shirts

While company uniforms have always been popular with management, they have not always been popular with employees. Often uniforms were not comfortable to wear or were not appropriate for all season wear. The answer to that issue comes in the form of high-quality uniform polo shirts paired with dress trousers, slacks or even jeans.

One of the reasons that polos are so popular is that they can be comfortable and easy to wear. They also look very stylish and professional, but they are also a relaxed fit that is great for both men and women and for all body shapes and sizes.

Polos are typically going to be made of cotton or polyester or a blend. There are also specialized types of fabrics such as the dri-fit fabric which is ideal for working outside or for those employees that may be traveling or indoors and outdoors throughout the day.

Color Selections

When ordering from a top supplier of uniform polo shirts, the color selection will include all basic colors as well as a range of specialty colors by brand. Different brands offering polos often have their own signature colors, and between the various options you will have no difficulty in finding colors to match your corporate or business design colors.

For a look that allows customers to easily identify employees, a business may want to have all staff wearing the same color of polo shirt and pants. For those businesses with multiple colors in their corporate logo employees can have the option of choosing from those colors, giving more variety in the workplace but still staying within the corporate branding theme.


The heavier fabric of uniform polo shirts as composed to t-shirts means that embroidery stands out on the shirts and also stands up to repeated washing, drying and daily wear.

To enhance corporate branding companies may choose to have the company name or logo embroidered on the right or left chest area at a point just above the breast pocket.

Another option to consider is to embroider the company name on one sleeve and the employee name on the other, or any combination of those branding options. It is also possible to have a larger logo or the company name embroidered on the back of the shirt, but this has less branding effect when employees are approaching customers.

Choose colors for the embroidery that contrast with the color of the polo shirt. Black is ideal for light colors while white will pop out on dark colors for a single color logo design. For multiple colored embroidery, keep the contrast in mind to make the logo as memorable and recognizable as possible.

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