5 Tips For Maintaining Hardwood Flooring in NYC

A hardwood floor is a big investment in your home or other property. To get the most value for your money and to keep your floors looking good for many years, it is important to practice proper maintenance techniques, even if you have cheap hardwood flooring installed. The following are five simple maintenance tips for Hardwood Flooring in NYC.

1. Sweep the floor frequently – It seems like common sense, but sweeping or vacuuming your hardwood surfaces frequently is important to protecting its long-term value. Dust and other microscopic abrasive debris collect very quickly on wood floors and slowly cause damage by scratching the polish. Sweeping often removes the particles that create this issue.

2. Clean up spills immediately – Wood stains easily when liquid sits on it for long periods. Wipe up all spills as quickly as possible to prevent water stains and to prevent the rot and damage that happens when wood soaks up too much moisture.

3. Use pads to move furniture – Wood floors scratch easily during common household activities such as moving furniture from one room to another. Always use pads made of smooth plastic or fabric under the legs of furniture such as chairs, tables and bed frames before you attempt to move them.

4. Use mats in front of sinks – When small amounts of water from kitchen and bathroom sinks fall on the same area repeatedly, it eventually leads to damage. Placing mats and rugs in front of sinks prevents this from happening. As an added bonus, mats and rugs also protect flooring from objects dropped while washing dishes or using the bathroom sink.

5. Do not wear high heels on wood floors – High heels are one of the biggest culprits for creating unsightly dents and pockmarks in wood flooring. Maintain a smooth surface by not wearing high heels in areas of your property that have wood floors.

Use these simple tips to care for and maintain your Hardwood Flooring in NYC. By following these easy to use tips, you can extend the life of your wood floors while prolonging their aesthetic appeal. A well-maintained hardwood floor holds or improves its value, which in turn helps to boost the value of your entire property.

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