Reasons for Radon Testing in Newark, OH

Radon is a natural gas that occurs when uranium in rocks and soil breaks down. Depending on the levels of uranium under a building, the gas can build up and be harmful. This radioactive gas is the second largest cause of lung cancer in the United States. Because the gas is odorless and tasteless, the only way to detect it is through Radon Testing in Newark OH.

Symptoms are not recognized easily and may happen over time. Things like a headache or nausea, for example, are usually attributed to stress or indigestion. Most individuals do not know if they have concentrated levels of radon in their home without professional testing.

Radon testing services in Newark OH consists of forty-eight individual hourly tests conducted by a certified professional. Testing is inexpensive, and can protect the health of family members, employees, clients, and customers. All residential and commercial buildings should be tested at least once, with results properly documented, as the documentation is helpful when selling a building or home.

Many people will request radon testing prior to purchasing a property. Once detected, radon levels can be reduced with a few simple techniques. Caulking and sealing any cracks in the foundation, basement, or crawl spaces is the first step. The next is an active soil decompression system that provides a way to vent the gas out of the building. The system is also designed to ensure gas is drawn away from the building to prevent re-entry. The system is cost-effective to have installed. One component is a fan that operates constantly, but consumes very little power to prevent spikes in utility bills.

Most companies, such as Envirospect, for example, that provide Radon Testing in Newark OH, also provide other air quality testing and mitigation services. Allergen testing, inspections for duct work and ventilation, thermal imaging services, mold testing, and environmental consulting services are also available. Many causes of poor air quality, such as radon or mold, for example, will make people sick before they are noticed. That means physical damage can be severe before the cause is discovered.

Some conditions, like the mold, may have an odor eventually, but not soon enough. By the time that odor is detected, major damage to the property and the health of inhabitants has already occurred. If the building has never been tested for radon, or if poor air quality is suspected, have testing completed immediately.

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