Five Ways to Transform Your Garden Through New Lighting

You can instantly change the overall look of your garden by installing outdoor LED garden lights that will make your visitors stop and admire the view. Here are five easy changes to your garden lighting that will take your friends’ breath away.

  1. Guide The Way
    Instead of placing lights opposite each other around your walkways, consider these in an offset position so that your eyes will be guided all the way down the pathway rather than being regimented to a shorter distance. Offset lighting provide your brain with a small piece of information and your mind fills in the blanks.
  2. Mix Your Lighting Choices
    You do not have to choose the same outdoor LED garden lights throughout your garden. By mixing and matching complimentary styles, individuals walking through your garden will look at each light individually to see what surprise comes next, as opposed to seeing one light and knowing what they will all look like.
  3. More Or Less Lighting?
    You do not have to provide enough lighting to land an aircraft in your garden. On occasions, choosing less, but sufficient lighting, can be more effective, overall. You may need to take professional advice about the critical locations of essential lighting so that fewer lighting fixtures does not mean not enough.
  4. Lighting Your Walkways or Not?
    While it may be obvious to install lighting into or around your walkways, you always have the alternative choice of down lighting from trees, planters and from almost anything else in your garden. This can provide a safe and secure lighting of your pathways, but from above, rather than the walkway itself.
  5. In Your Face or Indirect Lighting?
    Some areas within your garden, particularly in seating or barbecue areas, can benefit from outdoor LED garden lights being installed so that you can create a small and friendly warm feeling within the area, without lights shining directly into your eyes.

You can add an LED light effect to almost any water feature that you choose to install in your garden, but you might decide to consider down lighting so that you can show the natural beauty of your water features.

Installing lights in your garden can provide you with a wide range of opportunities to choose between warm and cool lighting, indiscreet or obvious. Whether you are lighting an area to show off a particular feature or to direct people to a different part of your garden, the wow effect can be easily achieved.

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