Myths That Prevent People from Going to a Malibu Rehab Facility

There are many people in Malibu who recognize that they are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. These people would desperately like to change their life, but they may be experiencing very real issues with the people around them.

There are a lot of myths about what happens in a rehab facility, all which have been enhanced or even originated by movies, television and even by other addicts. While not everyone that enters a treatment program will be successful, everyone who wants to change and puts in the effort will be successful.

To help those that are trying to decide if entering a rehab facility will create the positive change they desire, examining the myths and presenting the truth will be an important step.

Myth: Addiction Recovery is Not Possible

Addiction recovery is possible and is a reality for the vast majority of people attending a quality, reputable rehab facility. Researching the facility, learning about the approach to treatment and then actually working the program will all be factors in the effectiveness of the treatment.

Additionally, focusing on aftercare and continuing to seek the support you need after treatment will also be a critical factor in experiencing ongoing success and preventing relapse.

Myth: Treatment Programs Are Uncaring

Through reading patient testimonials and reviews online of the facility, you can get an understanding of the compassion and care levels within a given program. Look for long-running rehab facilities with a high level of recommendations from past clients.

There are caring, compassionate programs out there. Top programs assign a staff member to act as an advocate for each patient, providing a truly supportive and empowering rehab experience.

Myth: Recovery Programs Are Cost Prohibitive

Many health insurance plans will cover a large amount of the rehabilitation costs. For those that do not have insurance, there is the option to finance the drug or alcohol recovery program.

Financing a program is typically through a healthcare loan. Patients will be able to pay off the loan over time as with any other type of financial aid loan. Interest rates and the amount a borrower will be eligible for will depend on a variety of different factors.

Anyone considering attending a treatment program in Malibu deserves to hear the truth. The best option is to research online or call the different facilities to get accurate, correct and complete answers to your questions.

Serenity Malibu offers experienced admissions counselors to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about our rehab facility.

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