Quickly Removing Dents with a Cost Effective Alternative

It’s a common enough issue. You park your vehicle at a grocery store, but return to find it dented by a stray shopping cart or other person’s door. There is no note on who did it, so you are left to repair the unsightly dent yourself. Searching for dent repair in Denver may bring you to a variety of potential collision centers, but finding the right one can not only get the dent repaired quickly, but it will be done properly saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in replacements and paint fees. Paintless dent Repair, or PDR, has been the go-to method for taking care of minor body dents and dings for those who are looking for an affordable fix.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Not only can other drivers bring risks to your vehicle, but so can the elements. Hail can cause hundreds of tiny dents on the entire surface of the vehicle, leaving you with a pock-marked vehicle in need of a lot of TLC to return to its former glory. Dent repair in Denver is most commonly done with the paintless method, which was invented back in the 60’s as a way to reduce the need for filler before repainting, but it was found the damage was repaired like new and the need for repainting was unnecessary. There are a variety of tools that can be used for this type of repair, and it will depend on the size and location of the blemish. Sometimes a little pressure in the right spot is all it needs, while other times it may require heating, pressure from the inside, and a variety of tools. PDR technicians are well trained in what they can and cannot do to safely manipulate hoods, fenders and other parts of the vehicle to prevent additional damage or the need for repainting.

Finding the Right Facility

BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision has more than 28 years of experience in collision and auto-body repair, and paintless dent repair is included. Recommended by a variety of major insurance companies, you can find knowledgeable and passionate technicians ready to give your vehicle the attention it needs, and get you back on the road fast. Repainting a hood or side panel after a dent can cost the vehicle owner hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of dollars, but if the repair can be remedied with the paintless method, you can instantly save yourself a majority of that money.

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