Tips for Avoiding a Full Furnace Replacement in Minnetonka

When the weather gets cold, the last thing anyone wants is a malfunctioning furnace. Many times, problems with the unit could have been avoided or repaired in the early stages. By following a few simple tips for maintaining an existing heating system, it is easy to avoid needing a complete Furnace Replacement in Minnetonka.

Keep the Unit Clean

Just like any other appliance, a furnace functions more efficiently when it is clean. Dust and dirt gets collected on the furnace over time, and it may cause the unit to slow down or malfunction. Cleaning a furnace is a simple task. Using a vacuum hose, suck up any loose debris from around the system. Be sure to also vacuum around the belts and blower assembly. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe off any residue from the screws and belts. Clean the unit every six months.

Replace the Filter

One of the easiest ways to keep a furnace running efficiently is by replacing the filter on a regular basis. The job of the filter is to prevent particles in the air from entering the furnace. Since a filter is the first line of attack for unwanted debris, it gets dirtier than any other part of the unit. Most filters last for about six months, so it should be changed twice a year to help avoid needing a Furnace Replacement in Minnetonka. To change the filter, simply pull out the old one and slide in the clean one. Most filters are located inside the blower door or between the blower and the return air duct.

Schedule Yearly Inspections

A furnace should be inspected by a Sabre Heating and Air Conditioning specialist every year. Inspections should happen after the cold season when the furnace is no longer in use. An inspection allows an expert to thoroughly examine each part of the unit. They may find small problems, but if caught early, they can be easily repaired. Having a professional look over the unit may save the owner money in the long run.

While Furnace Replacement in Minnetonka is sometimes the only option, there are many times a malfunctioning unit can be repaired. By following a simple maintenance plan, furnace owners are often able to keep their current systems in good condition. Keeping the unit clean, replacing filters, and having annual inspections are all important. Visit their website to schedule an inspection for your heating system.

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