Proving Nursing Home Neglect

There is nothing worse than thinking someone is hurting your loved one and you have little to say about it. Nursing home neglect in Philadelphia, PA is not uncommon, unfortunately. No matter which location you choose to care for your loved one, who is paying for it, or the level of care you expect, this type of abuse can happen. And, it can happen to anyone. The only way to protect your family member is to be vigilant and ready to take action.

You Loved One May Not Communicate with You About What Is Happening

Perhaps the most difficult component of nursing home neglect is that many families have no idea it is happening. It is hard to understand why a loved one who was strong and independent before may not be willing to communicate about what is happening to them in these settings. Yet, it is very commonly the case. If you suspect any type of neglect is happening, it is essential to take steps to ensure your loved one is safe.

What Can You Do to Prove Neglect?

The best route to take is to speak to a licensed attorney who specializes in this type of abuse case. Discuss your worries and concerns. You may have noticed bruises or a change in behavior. A health decline that is not expected can also be an indication. Speak openly with your attorney about what you suspect. You do not even need to speak to the nursing home directly. Your goal should be to learn what your legal options are in this manner.

When it comes to finding an attorney in Philadelphia, PA for this type of case, be vigilant. Turn to an organization committed to working with you to help you avoid the worst possible outcome in this case. It is up to you to take action in nursing home neglect cases like this.

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