Is Your Pattern Making Software Good Enough?

Most manufacturing processes start with pieces that need to be cut then attached. You cannot do this without a pattern first. How do you create patterns with ease? A process that was otherwise difficult has been streamlined so manufacturers can design specific patterns for their products that truly make them one-of-a-kind. The process is perfected using a pattern making program like PatternSmith. It has been created for making different types of patterns for many industries.

Create Patterns That Are Ready to Be Cut

Would you like to be able to create patterns ready to use on a cutting machine? When you utilize PatternSmith you can do just that, and the program actually communicates with the cutting machine to directly make the necessary cuts so you do not need to create a paper pattern that has to be cut out. This gives you an advantage over a CAD system for pattern-making. Instead of creating a drawing that will communicate information, you will be able to create a pattern that is ready to be directly cut from the machine.

The Right Pattern Making Programs Do It Better

Making patterns, nesting and sending patterns to an automated cutting table gives you the ability to enjoy accurate and fast cutting. You can also make global changes for seam allowances with just the press of a button rather than having to change each seam allowance. Pattern changes are easier than ever when you are using the right pattern making program. You can even move CAD designs over to PatternSmith and save time and money. Simply put, using good patterns is essential for your business. Pairing great pattern making programs with innovative cutting tables makes the job easier for everyone. Find out how custom patterns will help to improve processes so you make better profits.

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