Preparing Your Subaru For Trade-In

The Subaru line is known for reliability and dependability. The company is able to proudly boast that 97% of all their cars sold in the last 10 years are still on the road, which is an amazing statistic.

However, many Subaru drivers in Newark, NJ make the decision to upgrade their model year of vehicle to take advantage of new technology, driver assist features, or to have the enjoyment of driving a new vehicle. People may also choose to move from a smaller sized vehicle to a larger model to accommodate a growing family or a change in driving needs.

Owners of these vehicles in the Newark, NJ, area trading in an older model for a new Subaru can do so at the time of their new vehicle purchase at the dealership. There are a few steps to take before the trade to help get the best possible price for the vehicle and to avoid any delays in the process.
Clean the Vehicle

Take the time to clean the vehicle inside and out. This not only gives a great first impression of the car or SUV, but it also gives you the time to make sure everything is out of the car.

Be sure to look under the seats, in the pockets and containers throughout the vehicle, and even between the seats and around the console area. Lift up floor mats and be sure to remove everything from the glove box and console storage area.

Be sure to bring the owner’s manual, if available, as well as all service records for the car. You will also need to have the title available at the time of the trade-in or it will delay the ability for the Newark, NJ, dealership to process the trade.

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