Getting Help From A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While motorcycles, passenger vehicles and freight vehicles all share the same road and have the same types of laws regarding driving, individuals on motorcycles also have some additional hurdles to overcome. This is where working with a motorcycle accident attorney in Rockford can help you to demonstrate that you were not at fault for the accident, or that the other driver was more at fault.

Serious Injuries

One of the first things that a motorcycle accident attorney will ensure is that the rider in the accident is getting the medical treatment and care they require. Often people on motorcycles are much more significantly injured in a crash, and it is important to continue with all medical appointments and to go through rehab and therapy if requested by your doctor.

In the cases where the person was seriously injured or even killed in the accident, the motorcycle accident attorney in Rockford will often work with the spouse, the parents or the estate administrator. This will typically result in a wrongful death action which adds to the complexity of the case.


Liability, which is sometimes called fault or negligence, is based on the actions of the individuals involved in the accident and their role in contributing to the accident. Drivers of vehicles are often negligent in looking for motorcycles as they are smaller and can easily be in the “blind spots” on a vehicle that wouldn’t be an issue for another larger type of vehicle.

Additionally, it can be a third vehicle that caused the accident. For example, if a vehicle changes lanes and fails to see the motorcycle, and the bike swerves or slows down to avoid being hit and is in turn hit, that original vehicle may also have some degree of contribution to the accident.

In some cases, the motorcyclist may also have been negligent. This could include unsafe lane changes, lane splitting, or even speeding or failing to adjust their driving technique for road conditions. In these situations, a motorcycle accident attorney in Rockford will work to ensure any other parties involved are also accountable for any negligence contributing to the accident.

A top motorcycle accident attorney will be able to provide expert witnesses, complete accident re-creations and help to demonstrate and prove the issues that lead up to the accident. This can occur even in a situation where the biker is unable to testify or was killed in the accident, allowing the family to be compensated for the loss of their loved one.

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