Powder Coating Services: Superior To Paint

If you wish to protect a piece of furniture or a pipeline, you may paint it or apply a powder coating. A company or individual may make decide on one of these two common choices. While other finishing options are available, flexible powder coating services are increasingly becoming popular. They are pulling ahead of simple painting for their superiority.

Why Choose Powder Coating?

Companies facing a choice between painting and powder coating a component or product must consider the effects of a powder coating. In other words, they need to look at the advantages and benefits using this process will produce. The major ones are:

 * Protective: Depending upon your choice of powder coating, you can provide the substrate surface with several protective qualities including anti-corrosion.

 * Mechanical: Powder coatings are more flexible in application and design. They offer a variety of colors that enhance while they protect. The finisher can apply diverse and thicker layers of coatings than with paint. Moreover, unlike most paints, powder coatings adapt to the surface, which they overlay. They can bend as it does without cracking. This, alone, makes powder coating services more advantageous – particularly in the transportation or other industries where there are moving, shaking and generally active parts

 * Economics: Powder coatings are less expensive due to their small overspray and the overall efficiency of the method. The efficiency is as high as 70% while, for paint, it is only approximately a maximum of 50%.

Together with environmental benefits, there are many reasons to choose powder coatings over paint.

Powder Coating Services Not Painting

Companies have a number of choices from which to choose to improve their components and products. While painting may seem like the least expensive finishing option, it is not. Powder coating services are the better alternative. By employing this method, an individual or industry is providing protection and, therefore, increasing the longevity of their parts while reducing the overall production and finishing costs.

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