Troubleshooting Tips For A Central Air Conditioner Whitehouse in Station NJ

Having the central air conditioning give out, or malfunction in the middle of summer is a terrible dilemma to face. While many times the Air Conditioner Whitehouse in Station NJ may require professional service, there are some things to check before calling the repairman. Here are some DIY tips on what to do.

If the air conditioning will turn on at all:

* Check the main circuit panel along with any other circuit panels look for a blown or tripped fuse. Turn the breaker off and then back on to reset it if the fuse is tripped or replace the fuse with a new one if the old one is blown. If the breaker trips after that, there is probably a short in the system. At this time, a professional should be called.

* Check to see if the Air Conditioner Whitehouse in Station NJ is set to cool to a temperature of at least three degrees below the ambient setting.

* Shut the power off to the air conditioner and remove the thermostat cover. Replace the batteries with brand new ones and check the wires to make sure they are tightly connected and not pinched. Put the cover back on, wait a few minutes and then try the air conditioner again.

* If none of these solutions work, remove the thermostat cover again and unscrew the Y wire from the terminal. Turn the power on again and touch the bare end of the Y wire to the R terminal. Make certain the Y wire is held by the insulated end. Hold the Y wire in position for about two minutes. If the air conditioner starts up, the n the issue is with the thermostat. If the air conditioner does not start, then it is time to call in a professional air conditioner technician.

Find more information about air conditioner installation and service professionals by clicking here. A quality staff of master licensed repair persons will be more than happy to answer any questions one may pose or to schedule an appointment to install or repair the central air in the home or business.

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