Add Some Spark to Your Style with Chemo Beanies

Losing your hair can be one of the most devastating side effects of chemotherapy, particularly for women. Hair loss makes your cancer battle feel even more real and makes it apparent to others around you.

Keeping your sense of style and confidence is important to helping you to cope with your cancer and remain positive. Covering your hair loss with colorful and fun hats and chemo beanies can help you to retain your usual style.

The popularity of beanies has been a great boost for women undergoing chemotherapy because it allows you to cover your hair loss with an item that is perfectly on trend. Beanies get noticed in a good way.

The popularity of beanies also means you can find one in every color, pattern, and style you can imagine. There are beautiful hats with crocheted flowers reminiscent of 1920’s styles, along with slouchy hats that are very modern.

Chemo beanies are moderately priced, so buying one in every color won’t break the bank. Choose funky patterns to wear with your jeans and simple, classic styles for your dressier clothes.

Since becoming so popular, beanies have also become year-round wear. This means you can find these made from light weight yarn, so they’re comfortable in the summer months, as well as in winter.

Mastectomy boutiques sell chemo beanies in several styles and colors. But, don’t limit your search to these stores. Many boutiques, craft vendors, and online specialty stores carry unique beanies to suit every style. Have fun shopping for this new accessory and make it part of your wardrobe you truly love.

You don’t have a choice in losing your hair, but you do have a choice in how you style your wardrobe during and after treatment. Use chemo beanies and other hats to demonstrate your personal style.

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