Pet supplies in El Dorado Hills, CA Include Grain Free Foods For Your Allergy Prone Dog

Just as with human beings, it seems that dogs today are ever more prone to allergies. While many people point to pollutants in the atmosphere as the culprit, and others the excessive number of vaccines with which many veterinarians repeatedly burden our pets’ immune systems, a growing number of authorities point to the ingredients in dogfood as the primary offenders. In particular, they point to the grains and other “fillers” found in pet foods, things such as pea fiber and beet pulp, foods dogs never would have eaten given their own preferences, in nature. Such fillers make the production of the dog food less expensive for the producer, but do nothing for our dogs, who have a much shorter digestive tract than do humans and who do not benefit from the addition of fiber to their diets. While dogs will eat grain, (and candy, for that matter) they were created strictly as carnivores and many believe their health benefits when fed a grain free diet.

Fortunately, while some owners do go through the trouble of feeding their dogs a raw meat diet, it’s not necessary to go to this effort in order to accommodate their needs. Any store that sells quality pet supplies in EI Dorado Hills CA, will carry grain free dog food. One example is Lees’ Feed & Western Store, which carries many lines of dog foods made with quality ingredients including several that have no grain to irritate your allergy prone pet. Orijen, California Natural, Solid Gold, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, and others are examples of dog food brands that are free of grain and fillers.

There is nothing worse than watching your dog scratch and scratch and scratch. Their immune systems, like ours, are sensitive and complex, and are plagued by many irritations in this modern world over which their owners have no control. Fortunately diets is something that a dog’s owner can control and taking the time to find grain free foods from a store selling pet supplies in EI Dorado Hills CA is one of the greatest acts of love you can ever do for your four footed companion, and his reduction in scratching and glossy coat will reflect to you his thanks!

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