Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control in Fairfield County, CT

Whether they are indoors or outside, flying, burrowing and climbing pests can be an inconvenience. Sometimes, these pests can endanger the structure of your home, or the health of your family. If you’ve tried to deal with your own pest issues without success, Garrie Pest Control LLC may be able to help.

Dealing With Indoor Pests
Outdoor insects are hard enough to contend with, but when they move indoors, they create an entirely new set of problems. Indoor and outdoor pest management differ for many reasons, but the most important is that the chemicals used to manage outdoor pests are dangerous to people and pets. To minimize the risk, a professional should apply these chemicals.

Unless you are dealing with a termite infestation that’s gone undetected, indoor pest control doesn’t usually require you to leave your home. For mosquitoes, ants, roaches and other crawling pests, chemicals and traps are used in combination with cleaning techniques. You’ll get rid of the bugs–and they won’t be back.

Outdoor and Lawn Pests
You can easily handle some outdoor pest control in Fairfield County, CT, but if you have a tree that’s infested with insects, it should be handled by a pro–the structure of your house and the tree’s life depend on it! Most homeowners aren’t familiar with tree care techniques, but an arborist can examine the tree, diagnose the problem and suggest solutions.

Controlling Mammals and Birds
When dealing with infestations of raccoons, rats, mice or birds, many homeowners don’t want to exterminate them. Not only is the thought of killing animals unpleasant to some, the poisons used can actually do more harm than good. When poison is ingested, the animals usually don’t die right away; they crawl into holes, making cleanup difficult.

Instead of using harmful poisons, many pest control experts choose to capture and relocate animals. These professionals also use techniques that make your home a less inviting place for rodents, birds and other animals to hide. With this type of Pest Control in Fairfield County, CT, you’ll have a home free of animals, and you won’t have to deal with the guilt associated with extermination.

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